Higher medical education in Russia

Medicine in Russia

Russia is among the most affordable and popular destination in the world for international medical students from Europe, Asia and Africa. As a response to international medical student demand most of Universities of medicine have introduced English programs of medical studies (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy etc.).

Medicine in Russia has been attracting international students since years. During the communist regime, international students were studying in Russia thanks to Russian tuition fees and students were from developing courtiers. Today, international students are studying in Russian on their own finance and are from all over the world; English and French programs have been introduced in some university programs.

The universities and institutes offer outstanding services to the foreign students so that they can enroll themselves without any hassles. Besides this, you can save a considerable amount of money pursuing the medical courses from Russia.

Russian Medical University tuition fees are significantly lower in comparison with those in other countries, while the standards of training are at the very good level and constantly approved. This makes Russian medical universities more attractive to international students and very competitive among international medical Universities.
Russian medical universities have been and remain one of those leading institutions in Medical studies. The books and textbooks issued in Russian medical schools have been translated into dozens of languages. Russian degrees have gained global recognition, and topped UNESCO and WHO ratings.

Why studying medicine in Russia?

  •   Simple application and admission procedure
  •   Admission by application file selection, without entrance exams
  •   Proven high quality of education and excellent academic standards
  •   Affordable medical study tuition fees and living expenses, 
  •   Several international transport links (easy accessible geographic location)
  •   International accredited universities and recognized degrees,
  •   Good facilities at universities
  •   Russian medical degrees are recognized all over the world, by WHO, UNESCO, etc.
  •   Possibility of studying in English
  •   Several opportunities for clinical exposure at university run hospitals
  •   International safe medical study environment
  •   Easy student visa application process

Russian medical study requirements

  • High school diploma: the prospective student must have got his high school diploma (certificate). Better if he has pass with Minimum 50% of marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The application file should include the copy of high school diploma and academic records of results;

  • Valid passport or other travel documents: copy of this document;
  • Good health: Medical certificate stating general health condition, X-ray and HIV test results from the State Hospital;
  • Birth certificate
  • Application form

Medical tuition fees in Russian

Russian medical studies are probably the cheapest in Europe. The tuition fees vary from university to university and from different specialties.

As an official representative of the REAVIZ Medicine University (Samara, Saratov, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg) our agency offers you to study at this private university (MU REAVIZ) www.reaviz.ru

You may study at the following faculties:


The duration of training in medicine is 6 years. It involves training in preclinical and clinical disciplines, as well as a one-year clinical rotation. The basic and special medical disciplines are studied in their logical consequence and interrelation. The teaching process is in agreement with the modern requirements of higher education in medicine. The lecturers and teachers with long years of professional, research and pedagogical experience as well as the modern facilities and equipment are the prerequisites for the excellent theoretical training and development of practical skills of the physicians graduating from MU. After taking the State Examinations, the graduates obtain the educational and qualification degree of Master of Science and the professional qualification of physician.  Tuition fee 3200 euro per annum

FACULTY OF DENTAL MEDICINE    Tuition fee 3900 euro per annum

FACULTY OF PHARMACY   Tuition fee 2900 euro per annum

FACULTY OF PUBLIC HEALTH    Tuition fee 2000 euro per annum